Wintop Team

      The Wintop Team consists of people from academic, business and professional services.

Jason Jixuan Hu
Stuart Umpleby
Gordon Haper
Russel Ackoof
Diana Whitney

Jason Jixuan Hu

  • General Partner of WINTOP Consulting Group(Washington,DC),Managing Director of Wintop Shanghai
  • Ph.D, Organizational Management, George Washington Universtiy
  • ICA USA Certified Facilitator Trainer
  • Was China COO of Apollo International in Apollo Group, Vice President of Globallink Investment Company
  • Used to be Assistant Professor in UC Monteray Bay, George Washington University
  • Project leader for Cybernetics(1992) textbook, founder of 'Communicatics' theory and methods (1993)
  • The only Chinese invited in Vienne World System Management Conference as '50 world renowed thoughts leaders'(2001)

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Stuart Umpleby

  • Professor in George Washington University
  • Partner of WINTOP Consulting Group(Washinton,DC)
  • Ex-Chairman of American Society of Cybernetics
  • Senior Facilitator and consultant



  • partner of WINTOP Consulting Group(Washington, DC)
  • ICA USA Certified Facilitator Trainer
  • Member of International Association of Facilitators
  • Project Leader in facilitation books series
  • Editor of China Facilitation Newsletter
  • MS from John Hopkins University;BA from Beijing University

Gordon Harper

  • Wintop Strategic Partner
  • Senior Facilitator and trainer in ICA USA
  • More than 20 years working experience in Asia(since 1976;
  • Was responsible for ICA Taiwan (1982)
  • Used to be consultant for many MNCs such as GTE, ICI, NCR, Dupont, etc.
  • Taught in 3 universities in US
  • Author of 'Meet the Future' and 'Empowering Leadership'

Russell Ackoof (USA)

  • Wintop Advisor
Dr. Russell Ackoff is author or co-author of 21 books on management including Management in Small Doses, Ackoff's Fables, The Democratic Corporation, and Re-creating the Corporation. He is Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science at The Wharton School and a former president of both the Operations Research Society of America and the Society for General Systems Research. WINTOP is currently conducting translation projects to introduce Ackoff's thoughts to Chinese readers.

Diana Whitney (USA)

  • Wintop Advisor
Diana Whitney is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, and thought leader on the subjects of Appreciative Inquiry, positive change, and spirituality at work. She is the author or editor of five books and dozens of articles, and chapters including Appreciative Inquiry Handbook (with David Cooperrider and Jackie Stavros), The Appreciative Inquiry Summit (with James Ludema, Bernard Mohr and Thomas Griffin) and The Power of Appreciative Inquiry (with Amanda Trosten-Bloom). In addition, she has edited three collections on Appreciative Inquiry including: Appreciative Inquiry and Organization Transformation, and Appreciative Inquiry: Rethinking Human Organization Toward a Positive Theory of Change. Diana teaches and consults in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. She has lectured and taught at Antioch University, Case Western Reserve University, Ashridge Management Institute in London, Saybrook University, Eisher Institute in India and others. The focus of Diana's consulting is strategic planning, mergers, large-scale transformation, and service excellence. WINTOP is currently in the process of transferring Appreciative Inquiry training products into China market.