Dr. Hu is the General Partner of WINTOP Consulting Group in Washington D.C. and Managing Director of WINTOP Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. based in Shanghai(www.wintopgroup.com). He is also the founding director of China Association for Promoting Participation and Facilitation (www.cappaf.org); advisor for Research Program of Social and Organizational Learning of George Washington University (www.gwu.edu/~rpsol/ ) and life-time member of American Society for Cybernetics (www.asc-cybernetics.org). Dr. Hu has been an invited speaker to the professional and academic conferences in U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Mexico, Sweden, China-Taiwan and China-Mainland. His presentations and publications have spread in the field of organizational development; applied cybernetics in social reform, consensus building and team synergy; system science and self-organization theory; HR development and group dynamics; education and training; cross-cultural problem-solving and communication studies; and knowledge management since 1987. In the First World Congress for Systematic Management in 2001 held in Vienna Austria, he was invited as one of the 50 "world-renowned thought-leaders" due to his pioneering work on the theory of Communicatics.

Dr. Hu has coordinated an international team consists of members of WINTOP, Institute of Cultural Affairs(ICA), and International Association of Facilitators(IAF) to design and develop the first business oriented facilitation skill training course "Roundtable Leadership Series", based on ICA's ToP? Methodology from 2002 to 2003. The curriculum is localized in Chinese language and cultural context with the registered trade mark WINTOP Facilitation?. The course is currently being delivered to and receiving warm welcome from business community in China. Dr. Hu works closely with colleagues in U.S., Japan and Europe in consulting and training. Dr. Hu is also an ICA USA certified ITOP facilitator trainer since 2003 and is IAF Country Representative for China from 2006 to 2008.

Before focusing on promoting participation and facilitation to organizations in China and cross-cultural problem-solving in multinational companies, he served as the Chief Operating Officer/Vice President for the multinational education enterprise Apollo International(1999-2002); worked in technological transfer projects and joint-venture development between U.S. and China(1996-1998); taught at California State University (assistant professor 1995-1996), George Washington University(lecturer 1993-1994), Beijing University (visiting professor Summer 1994) and Tsinghua University(visiting professor Summer 1999).

Dr. Hu received his Ph.D. in Management and Organization from School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University in 1995. The primary focus of his study was Cybernetics and Systems Theory with a supporting field Philosophy of Social Systems. He earned his B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Heilongjiang College of Commerce in 1982 and earned a Certificate of System Analyst from Sino-Japanese Software Training School in Beijing in 1984.

Dr. Hu currently lives in Shanghai with his work-life partner Wenjun Du and their Labrador Duoduo. He spent his spare time as an undisciplined piano composer and an amateur photographer. He has a bad habit of collecting Chinese fake watches.


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