Program Description

WINTOP's Roundtable Leadership Program consists of two 4-days training courses:

Program for Certified Associate Facilitator (Basic Program):

A02 Highly-Effective Communication Tools
A03 Fast and Quality Consensus Workshop

Suitable for Managers at all levels as long as he/she needs to communicate with others, needs to call, chair or assist various kinds of meetings. It includes 'WINTOP Communication Tools' (2 days) and 'Quality Consensus Workshop' (2 days). In the communication module, participants will learn five major interpersonal and group communication tools to improve their daily work. In the consensus module, participants will learn how to conduct the five-step workshop in the learner's organization to achieve consensus - a practically powerful method to improve their organization's effectiveness and efficiency.

Target Audience: Anyone needs to communicate and to function constructively in a group.

Program for Certified Professional Facilitator (Advanced Program):

A04 Facilitating for Continuous Improvement and Commitment to Action
A05 Facilitating Participatory Strategic Planning

It includes Participatory Action Planning (PAP) and Participatory Quality Improvement (PQI) (2 days); and Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) (2 days). PAP is the proven effective method to build plans in a participatory way for any one time action or project. PQI is a simplified, participatory way of conducting continuous quality improvement, or "Kaizen". PSP involves everyone in the organization into a process to create long-term plan for the organization. Due to its participatory nature, a strong sense of ownership and responsibility can be built for the plan during the two-day process.

The methodology is a combination of the Sticky-Wall based ICA ToP methods with the current improvement efforts of today's business clients, such BPR, TQM, ISO9000, BSC, CRM, Learning Organization and Six Sigma movements. Our Advanced program highlights the participatory dimension of these management efforts and establishes a solid foundation for further introducing those advanced but complicated methodologies.

Target Audience: Anyone who works with multiple projects in cross departments/teams, cross functions within the whole organization or within the whole supply chain would be benefited by this program. Participants to this program must take Basic Program first.