WINTOP FacilitationTM Programs are designed based on key function areas of organizational activities as illustrated in the graph above. Our products are categorized in four series:

Series A - a comprehensive set of methodology training courses that cover most important functional area of any organization which promotes a participatory corporate culture. For all types of companies of all industries.

Series B - developed for managers from a Western cultural background who are/will be conducting business in China or with Chinese counterparts; For MNCs and foreign companies entering into China market.

Series C - a group of "real-world problem-solving" workshops on various management and organizational topics that apply WINTOP's methodologies. For all types of companies of all industries.

Series A - WINTOP Roundtable Leadership Training Courses (two days each)

A01    Basic Facilitation Skills for All Managers
A02    Highly-Effective Communication Tools
A03    Fast and Quality Consensus Workshop
A04    Facilitating for Continuous Improvement and Commitment to Action
A05    Facilitating Participatory Strategic Planning
A06    Cybernetic and Systemic Problem Solving for Complex Issues
A07    Win-win Solutions through Communicatics in Difficult Situations
A08    Facilitative Systemic Internal Coaching for Excellence
A09    Organizational Optimization & Corporate Culture Innovation
A10    Roundtable Leadership for NGO&GOV Organizations (3 days)

Series B: WINTOP East-West Bridges Workshops (two days each)

B01    Beyond Lao-tsz, Sun-tsz, Confucius and Mao: The Cultural, Environmental and Political Realities of the China Market Today
B02    Communicating and Negotiating with Your Chinese Partners
B03    Beyond Due-diligence: Evaluating True Business Opportunities in China
B04    Corporate Cultural Integration for MNCs Operating in China

Series C: WINTOP Problem-solving Workshops (one or two days each)

C01    Competing Strategies and Shortest-Bar Diagnose
C02    Execution Capacity Improvement Workshop
C03    Participatory Vision Building Workshop
C04    Participatory Strategic Planning Workshop
C05    Corporate Culture and Creativity Improvement
C06    Partner Coordination Improvement Workshop
C07    Process Improvement and Cost Control
C08    Participatory Sales Performance Improvement
C09    Human Resource Development Strategies
C10    Product R&D Action Planning Workshop
C11    WINTOP Growth Visioning and Strategy
C12    WINTOP Business Structure Optimization
C13    Participatory Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop
C14    Internal Training System Planning Workshop