WINTOP Organizational Learning Laboratory, a subsidiary of WINTOP Consulting Group based in Shanghai, develops and delivers some of the world's best training products in the area of improving group cooperative capacity within corporations and other organizations.

WINTOP Facilitation? Training Products helps on communications (interpersonal and cross-functional), innovation, creativity, problem-solving, empowerment, sense of ownership and commitment to the job, change management and corporate culture building. Our training products provide to our clients a wide range of Facilitation Skills; Highly-effective Communication Skills, East-West Corporate Cultural Integration Skills; and Chinese-Specific Organizational Problem-Solving Skills. Managers who learned these skills will obtain a strong foundation to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of their daily working activities.

For Chinese domestic companies, WINTOP products help them transform from their authoritarian leadership style into a more participatory management style. By learning how to communicate and to build consensus more effectively in various daily management activities, our clients improve their employee motivation through participation, maximize work effectiveness and efficiency through group synchronization, and become able to swiftly set their strategic goals against fast changing environment.

For multinational companies doing business in China, WINTOP products help their managers and staffs in the area of cross-cultural management and corporate cultural integration, particularly dealing with the organizational/managerial pathologies caused by Chinese feudalistic tradition and Planning Economy Mentality. Useful from new-hires to senior management team members, WINTOP products are handy-tools to foster "Learning Organizations" in business units, to develop powerful participatory culture in which loyalty, responsibility and accountability are naturally sustained.

The founders of WINTOP have extensive experience in both business consultation and academic expertise in the area of management science and organizational development. WINTOP owns its unique model of business development with background in cybernetics and system thinking, which provides sophisticated insights and practical solutions to managers at all levels. WINTOP training courses are different from the "main-stream" MBA education system -- they are more practically useful and focused on developing participatory corporate culture to improve the organization's capacity of cooperation, execution, and innovation.