The following clients have been successfully used ToP? Methods:

We have received following clients' comments on WINTOP Facilitation? Methods":

"WINTOP Facilitation Methods are so advanced and so practical in the same time! Even the best MBA program in China such as CEIBS(China Europe International Business School) cannot offer this course yet. Easy to learn and easy to use."

"I am shocked after taking this training course for its immediate usefulness. The results are far beyond my expectation. First, it is practical, second, it is easy to master and use. The decision from the group consensus can be implemented thoroughly in our work."

"Creative and practical, this method builds up collective wisdom and reaches group consensus."

"Your course helped our group decision process and increased our group working ability."

"The facilitation methods encourage everyone in the group to contribute ideas and eventually reach consensus to get substantial meeting results. Everyone is able to express his/her own opinions and to participate the decision making process in the meetings. "

"I wish I could have learnt this course much earlier. I think this course should be brought into college curriculum. All our children should learn it too."

"Facilitation course is a must for General Managers. It is a good method to motivate group and to create innovative ideas. It finds professional managers a good way for group communication and consensus, and is a very useful tool to solve complicated, long-term, time consuming issues. After this training, I will change my way to hold meetings and will pay more attention to team building work."

"This program draws a guideline for real world work. You must take this course if you want to improve your thinking ability and leadership style."

"It's like a treasure for me. This program definitely will improve my working style and life activities."

"I can't wait to use it in my work. It's like the light on the end of a tunnel, or a light-house, in my work."

"This is the most useful and practical training program that I ever took - as an HR message I've taken a big number of training courses before. I think I found an effective way to solve complicated issues."